Feeding Your Sphynx

Sphynx Cats Enjoy Their Food
Sphynx Cats Enjoy Their Food

Sphynx cats love to eat! They like to eat frequently and they like to try anything.  To help your Sphynx to have a healthy digestive system, it is best to allow them to eat small portions at regular intervals. The fact that Sphynx don’t have hair means that they create heat for their bodies through their metabolism.  A good way of ensuring that they are able to meet these demands and keep comfortable is by giving your Sphynx an automatic food dispenser.  That way they will have a constant food supply that they can go to whenever they like during the day.

It is very important that your Sphynx has continual access to fresh water.

You may find that your Sphynx is regularly spilling its water bowl or taking its food out of the food bowl and eating it from the floor.  If your Sphynx is doing this, it is probably because the bowl is too deep.  Cats don’t like having to get their whiskers wet or dirty while they are eating and drinking.  Providing your Sphynx with a shallower bowl is likely to solve this problem.

The Sphynx has a sensitive digestive system that is not amenable to eating canned food every day.  Most owners would recommend only feeding your Sphynx canned cat food once or twice a week.  Try to vary the diet as much as possible to increase the nutritional value and keep the Sphynx interested and excited about its food.

Sphynx Cat Menu

Sauce or additives that you put on your own foods may be extremely dangerous to your pet.
Sauce or additives that you put on your own foods may be extremely dangerous to your pet.

If you are feeding your Sphynx canned food then you should pay careful attention to what’s in the product to ensure that it satisfies your cats nutritional requirements.  It is important to note that some of the cheaper brands of canned cat food are made from inferior meat and contain sweeteners so that the cat will enjoy the taste.  You will need to look at the label on the can to see what the product actually contains and how nutritional it is. Look at the list of ingredients in the can.  The ingredients that are found in the biggest portion in the product are found at the top of the list.  You should be looking for products where the animal protein (such as chicken, beef, tuna) is either first or second on the list of ingredients.  Canned cat food will also specify the age group that the product is designed for.

The diet requirements are different for kittens, adult cats and older cats and so the food is different. If you decide to change your Sphynx’s diet, then you should do so gradually. Any sudden changes can upset your cats digestive system causing them to become sick.

Dry cat food can be a very convenient and healthy option for your Sphynx.  The dry cat food helps to clean its teeth and aids in protecting the health of its gums.  If you are feeding dry cat food then you will need to provide more fresh water than if you are feeding wet canned food. It is important not to feed your Sphynx with leftover human food, or foods that you are preparing for human consumption, no matter how much they beg and plead to share in your meals!  It also creates bad behavioural habits that it can be very difficult to break.  Sharing your food with your Sphynx even once gives them the expectation that you will do so again and he or she will bother you incessantly at meal times until you relent.  This is not a habit that you want to get into. It is a good idea to serve anything that you are feeding your Sphynx at room temperature.  It should not be refrigerated as Sphynx cats have difficultly digesting cold food and this can make them vomit. You should feel free to feed your Sphynx treats as rewards or for a special experience.  Cat treats can be bought from pet food stores.  This should only be a small part of the overall diet.

Bones and Raw Food (BARF)

"Sphynx Cat Nutrition Needs"

Sphynx Cat Nutrition Needs

Some Sphynx owners swear by the Bones and Raw Food (or BARF) diet.  They claim that feeding their cats only raw food results in huge improvements in their appearance and overall health.  Some owners have reported experimenting with the BARF diet and being so impressed by the results that they never go back to feeding their cats canned or dry food from the supermarket.

Other owners recommend a varied diet with includes a little bit of everything.  I personally believe that this is a good approach as it keeps your Sphynx interested in its food while making sure that all nutritional requirements are satisfied.  Mix up the diet with some canned food, raw chicken, kibbles and some raw fish (such as salmon, sardines or tuna).  If you are feeding your cat raw meat, then make sure that all bones have been removed so as to prevent any choking hazards.

If you are varying the diet of your Sphynx, it is a good idea to monitor his or her reaction to different foods.  Vomiting and diarrhoea are obvious signs that the Sphynx is unable to cope with a new type of food.

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  1. Sylvia fulton says:

    I would like to know good brand of food for my sphinx cat with loose stool thank you

  2. Burt Kribbs says:

    As with all species, cats have requirements for specific dietary nutrients. Certain nutrients, including many vitamins and amino acids, are degraded by the temperatures, pressures and chemical treatments used during manufacture, and hence must be added after manufacture to avoid nutritional deficiency.^

    Have a good weekend

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