"Sphynx Cats Make Great Pets"

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… Owning a SPHYNX CAT enables you to speak with other pet owners which can lead to many new and fulfilling FRIENDSHIPS.


We all dream of the pet that is affectionate and intelligent. Better off which does not shed, is odourless, loves communication, has no significant health issues, can be dressed up and is easy to train and to take care of. You have probably came up with Miniature Pig, Chinese Crested dog, Capuchin Monkey or Iguana. Well actually it is a Sphynx cat a real dream pet!

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Sphynx Cat Is a Particularly Wise Decision.

You may already know the life-changing benefits of owning a most peculiar and striking breed of the cat but want to learn more. Or perhaps you are looking for confirmation that you should go ahead and welcome a loving, four-legged companion into your home. Whatever your reason, I welcome you into the world of the Sphynx cat.

I personally, think that there is no better pet than the Sphynx cat, but this is a personal choice and you might not agree.  This book is here to help you learn everything about this rare and unique breed of a cat so that you can decide for yourself whether it would make a good pet for you.


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Sphynx cat is unique and rare breed of a cat.

Sphynx cat is unique and rare breed of a cat.


Why Would You Buy an eBook about Sphynx Cats?

Let me answer with a question. Why would you buy any book? I am totally honest with you, I seriously do not want to sound like some dubious salesman trying to sell you some snake-oil. I am a Sphynx cat owner who wants to share personal experience and joy of owning a Sphynx. I utilised 3 hours of my precious free time every evening knackered after hard day at work for nine months (OMG! This is approximately 810 hours!) to get this book ready for you. I know its value and I am not going to waste my time trying to make you buy it if you don’t feel that you need or really want it. Don’t buy it if it is going to be filed with another 100 of unread books that are resting on the book shelves or computer folders.

What Is Sphynx Cat eBook All About In The First Place?

This book combines comprehensive and thoroughly practical information about Sphynx cat care with information, which you will not find elsewhere. You can go to the Internet or check a book about cat breeds, but they will only tell you bare facts. What makes this book unique is that my own Sphynx, Precious, has nudged her personality into it all the way through!

Sphynx Cats Make Great Pets at First Glance


  • Benefits Of Owning A Pet.

  • Cats Or Dogs?

  • My Personal Story – How I Discovered Sphynx.

  • Sphynx Fact  ~ Sphynx Is Not Hairless.

  • Cat Of Your Dream.

  • Pluses And Minuses Of The Sphynx Ownership.

  • Sphynx Breed Standard.

  • Sphynx Cat History.

  • Adoption Of The Sphynx.

  • Sphynx Cat Breeders And Catteries.

  • How To Choose The Best Sphynx Cat Breeder.

  • How To Recognize A Good Breeder.

  • Questions You Should Ask Cat Breeders.

  • Visiting Sphynx Cattery.

  • Choosing A Sphynx Kitten.

  • Buying A Registered Versus A Non-Registered Kitten.

  • Sphynx Cat Sales Contract.

  • When To Collect Your Kitten?

  • How To Know If Your Kitten Is Spayed/Neutered?

  • Spaying /Neutering & Post-Surgical Care.

  • Spaying/Neutering Age.

  • Spaying/Neutering Benefits.

  • Preparation For Surgery.

  • What Happens During The Surgery?

  • Are There Any Risks Involved With Having My Cat Neutered Or Spayed?

  • Post-Surgical Care.

  • Sphynx Care And Safety.

  • Travelling With Sphynx.

  • What If My Cat Goes Missing?

  • Sphynx Fact  ~ Sphynx Orientation In The Dark.

  • Should You Microchip Your Cat?

  • Household Hazards For Cats.

  • How To Create A Safe Indoor Environment?

  • A Word About Cats And Plants.

  • Best Diet For Your Sphynx.

  • Sphynx Fact  ~ Sphynx Loves Milk But Gets Water Instead.

  • What Is Barf?

  • So What Is On The Sphynx Menu?

  • Bedtime For Sphynx.

  • Sphynx Sleeping Habits And Behaviour.

  • Choosing A Cat Bed.

  • What Features To Look For In A Cat Bed For Your Sphynx?

  • Grooming And Bathing Your Sphynx.

  • Cleaning Sphynx Cat Ears.

  • Sphynx Fact  ~ Sphynx Like Water.

  • Clipping Nails.

  • Thinking About Declawing?

  • Sphynx Fashion.

  • A Note On Pet Insurance.

  • Establishing A Good Relationship With Your Vet.

  • Getting The Most From Your Visit To The Vet’s.

  • Sphynx Psychology.

  • Sphynx Moods & Body Language.

  • The Mystery Of Sphynx Cat Purr.

  • Why Does A Cat Purr?

  • The Healing Power Of The Purr.

  • Sphynx Behaviour And Stress.

  • Stressed Out Sphynx.

  • How To De-Stress Your Cat?

  • Bonding With Your Sphynx.

  • Sphynx Bonding Responses To Its Owner.

  • Sphynx And Young Family Members.

  • Active Children And Cats.

  • Adopting A Sphynx Into Your Household.

  • Bonding Your Children With Your Cat.

  • Sphynx Training.

  • A Cat’s Brain.

  • Do Cats Remember Like Elephants?

  • Training The Trickster In Your Sphynx.

  • Sphynx Scratch Training.

  • Why Do Cats Scratch?

  • What Are The Best Places To Allow Scratching?

  • Do’s And Don’ts Of Scratching Post Training.

  • Litter-Box Training.

  • Types Of Litter.

  • Guidelines On Emptying And Changing The Litter.

  • Can Your Cat Use The Toilet?

  • How To Toilet Train A Cat?

  • Your Sphynx And Illness.

  • What To Do When Your Sphynx Is Sick?

  • Checking Your Cat’s Health.

  • What Kinds Of Illness Should I Watch Out For?

  • Sphynx Cat Oral Care.

  • How To Clean Your Cat’s Teeth?

  • Caring For An Elderly Sphynx.

  • Cat’s First-Aid Kit.

  • Checking Your Sphynx For Fever.

  • Your Cat’s Weight.

  • When To End Your Cat’s Life?

  • The Notorious Urine Marking.

  • How To Prevent Urine Spraying?

  • What Is The Best Way To Clean Urine Spray?

  • Massage Is Not Just For Humans!

  • Getting To Know Your Sphynx’s Favourite Spots.

  • Sphynx Fact  – Sphynx Shiver.

  • Making Sure My Cat Eats Her Greens.

  • Grow Your Own Catnip.

  • Sphynx Fact  – True About Catnip.

  • Sphynx Breeding & Cattery.

  • Setting Up A Cattery.

  • Sphynx Breeding:  15 Essential Steps.



Sphynx Cat Can Be Better Than a Bottle Of Hot Water 🙂

Precious sat on my hands while typing, and pushed my coffee cup with her head when she thinks she’s not getting enough attention. And just when I’m getting weary of typing and my shoulders are beginning to ache, she stretches herself across the back of my neck like a water-bottle that you could only dream of. So this book is more than just facts – Precious has helped me to write it. The Sphynx breed is the most loving, beguiling creature that you could welcome into your home, and I hope you think so too by the time you have finished reading.

Sphynx Cat Breeder vs Sphynx Cat eBook


Your visit to a Sphynx breeder should help you to decide conclusively whether this is the cat breed for you.  You will either be completely taken in and overwhelmed by all the cats brilliance and uniqueness, or you will still find them a bit hard to understand and strange looking.  For me, the visit to the Sphynx breeder sealed the deal and I became immediately infatuated with the Sphynx breed.

The one thing that I did find problematic was the lack of concise information about owning a Sphynx cat. 

The breeder can give you some insight into the animal and there are helpful forums online, but finding everything in the one place was a very difficult task.

This is why I have taken the time to put this ebook together.  I wanted to help introduce other people to the wonderful world of the Sphynx cat and to ensure that you have all the resources available to care for your Sphynx in the best way possible.

Some of the information in this book is not specific to the Sphynx breed and can be applied to other types of cats.  While other sections deal specifically with the peculiarities and uniqueness of the Sphynx.  Whatever your purpose, I do hope that you get something useful out of reading this ebook and that it helps you and your Sphynx to have a fulfilling relationship together.

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9 Responses to Home

  1. suzi says:

    Hi my name is suzii have been trying to adopt a kitten. for about 6 months now an still no luck!! my folks had one an i miss her so after my father passed she did as well, i strongly. believe in trying to rescue one verses buying only for the fact of saving an animals life. her name was zamara she was like a small human we did everything together an they as well rescued. her because thann they felt sorry for her because everyone thought she was a super ugly cat she was ourr life an now i feel like i don’t have a complete. life without her love can anyone please help an put me in tthe right direction????????@

  2. Myrna says:

    I am tried to confirm my desire to be a part of the group and to purchase the sphynx book but I keep getting a 404 error. Do you still exist?

  3. jessica says:

    I was just about to try and order some sweaters from you, but your link in your ‘shop’ part of your page is giving me a 404 error. I just discovered your sweaters last month and was looking forward to purchasing a few. Are you no longer making them?

  4. suzette says:

    I bought your ebook several months ago and went to use it as a resource now and can’t find anything that addresses fleas/skin rash on sphynx cats. She has been itching a lot – and even with cropped (not declawed!) nails she tears her skin when scratching. The last several days in addition to what looks like some small bites, she has a rash – not sure if it is related to fleas or to maybe dry skin. She does go outside – but it is a completely screen and sun protected small “cat patio”. I don’t want to use any commercial topical chemicals on her — wondering if you know any natural, chemical-free flea deterrents and also some natural, chemical free cream or ointment for a rash.
    Thanks so much!

    • admin says:

      Dear Suzette, are you sure that this is a flea rash? Please note that other medical problems can lead to similar symptoms:
      Food allergies can cause a red rash on the head and neck.
      Have you been giving any medication? Some medications cause rashes.
      Chemicals such laundry detergent can cause rashes as well.
      What shampoo are you using to bath your Sphynx? We use Baby Johnson’s but I heard that some Sphynx are allergic to it because of different pH from humans.
      Feed and water dishes. Plastic dishes tend to harbour bacteria and cause allergies.
      Are you keeping your Sphynx dressed? If you’re leaving clothes for long periods of time it could be that oils from the Sphynx’s skin are being absorbed and causing the rash.
      Dry skin is a common problem. Coconut oil applied for a few minutes prior to a bath can help. Pure free alcohol aloe can also be used, and is safe to be ingested, while Coconut oil ingested can cause diarrhea.
      Did you use any sun protection cream? This could be a cause of the allergy as well.
      Have you taken your Sphynx to the vet? If I were you I would do it immediately.

      • Lana Dove says:

        Coconut Oil causes diarrhea? Even if I put a little bit on after bath? I’ve been researching online and found that most people use coconut oil to keep skin soft and less flaky. Im surprised to hear your comments, what would you recommend me to switch to for oil?

        • admin says:

          Ingested coconut oil may cause diarrhea or intestinal distress? Has it actually happened to your kitty? If you’ve been using it safely and noticed an improvement and no side effects, I do not see the reason why you should stop using it. Perhaps to be absolutely sure, you should discuss it with your vet.

  5. viv palmer says:

    i want to order several of your sweaters for a sphinx but i dont know how to specify colors. is there anyway to contact you/
    viv palmer

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